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We Kidnapped Journalists Attention To Land Links All Over The Internet

In All Seriousness. People Love Us.

We haven't actually kidnapped any of our customers, yet. 

Over the last two decades I have run a very successful online marketing and publishing business called Mountain Enterprises LLC.   We build websites to help colleges and universities recruit students.   A large part of the success of my business has been due to David Krug.

Micah Sparacio, CEO, Mountain Enterprises

"I have never learned so much from someone I worked with. He was always an inspiration to me. He's the hardest worker I have ever met. No idea how he finds the time to accomplish all he does in a day. Couldn't have more respect for him. I hope to get to work with him again one day."

Sara Routhier, Senior Director of Content, Quote.com

"David’s expertise in SEO is incredible.
He has the ability to jump between SEO strategies and tactics to drive substantial growth while managing and leading high performance teams. "

Meredith Kokos, CMO at Partsbase.com

David is a key piece to company growth. His SEO insights are next level. He is always on top of the new trends that impact website performance and takes initiative. 

Alison Tobin, Editor, Money.com

A Note From Our Founder

Hey there! I'm David Krug, the brain behind PressTitan.com, and I’ve got a wild entrepreneurial tale to share with you. Picture this: from a cluttered garage to dazzling innovations, every twist and turn has fueled our mission to shake up content creation.

Flashback to 2005, when I stumbled upon the magic of Digital PR. It was like discovering a treasure map in a sea of spam emails. That lightbulb moment gave birth to PressTitan.com, and we’ve been on a rollercoaster ever since. At PressTitan.com, we’re all about making content creation a breeze and a blast. 

Our tiny but mighty team is all about keeping it real, sharing our startup shenanigans on X @presstitanpr. Hop on board this crazy journey with us as we navigate the maze of creating viral content. Let PressTitan.com be your GPS to greatness.

Sign up now and unleash the superpowers of awesome solutions. Feel the PressTitan.com magic and watch your content soar to new heights!

How We Work

Our process is simple yet effective. We gain a deep understanding of your brand, values, and target audience. We build customized campaigns tailored to your needs. Once launched, we proactively publish and outreach, resulting in high-quality links on autopilot.
  • Brand Understanding

    We invest time to understand your brand, values, and audience. This enables us to create compelling campaigns that generate media attention.
  • Strategic Campaigns

    Our experienced team plans and executes campaigns aligned with your goals. We deliver exceptional results using cutting-edge techniques.
  • Publishing and Outreach

    We publish your optimized campaign and proactively reach out to influential media outlets. This generates exposure and high-quality backlinks.

Introductory Prices

Choose between our basic monthly subscription or an unlimited monthly subscription. No hidden fees, just results. Lock in these lifetime prices while we launch the agency. 

  • Basic

    Enjoy 1 campaign per month with our basic monthly subscription. Ideal for ongoing PR needs. One project active at a time.
  • Unlimited

    Enjoy unlimited campaigns per month with our unlimited monthly subscription. Ideal for ongoing PR needs. 2 projects active at a time.

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